Is Hong Kong the Next Tibet?

12 Feb 2014 | China Uncensored

Hong Kong is battling to keep its freedom. Hong Kong enjoys liberties that would be unimaginable in Mainland China. Rights like freedom of religion, freedom of speech and assembly, and they can even openly criticize the government. That’s why the Chinese Communist Party is so scared of Hong Kongers. But with Occupy Central coming up and universal suffrage in 2017, the CCP is trying its best to encroach on Hong Kong. And with a flood of Mainland Chinese settling in the area, a form of gerrymandering may be happening, where even if the right to vote is granted, elections will be undermined nevertheless. Many of the methods the Chinese regime is using are the same they’ve used in Tibet, like trying to wipe out the native language, in this case, Cantonese. So is there any hope for Hong Kong? Find out in this episode of China Uncensored!