New wave of Hong Kong protests bears unsettling resemblance to US-inspired color revolutions

Valentin Mândrăşescu | 23 June 2014 | Voice of Russia

Since 1997, Hong Kong’s integration in China has been a relatively calm and uneventful process, but now a new wave of protests is spreading across the financial capital of China, bearing all the hallmarks of American-inspired “Color Revolutions”. How will Beijing deal with a new threat?

The launching pad for a “Color Revolution” in Hong Kong is an illegal referendum, organized by the Occupy Central protest group. The referendum, outlawed by both Hong Kong and Chinese authorities, seeks to modify the city’s constitution known as the Basic Law. The supporters of Occupy Central claim that they are seeking to restore democracy by stripping a bureaucratic committee of its exclusive right to nominate candidates for elections of the city’s top leader.

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