Hong Kong Journalists Association: Press freedom under siege: Grave threats to freedom of expression in Hong Kong

July 2014 | Hong Kong Journalists Association

“The Director of China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, Wang Guangya, also reportedly called on the media delegates to increase their coverage of opposition to the pan-democrat Occupy Central movement—a plan to occupy parts of the Central business district if the Hong Kong government fails to come up with a genuinely democratic proposal for electing the chief executive by universal suffrage in 2017.”

“Columnist Edward Chin, an active supporter of the Occupy Central movement and a hedge fund manager, said he had received advice from an editor in February 2014 to write only on financial matters. This was the first time in eight years that he was told what to write. He made the issue public and refused to compromise. His columns continue to be published in the same vein as before he received the advice.”