Hong Kong’s elite clueless about the pain of coping with tourist flood

Michael Chugani | 8 August, 2014 | South China Morning Post 

Let me tell you why there is such societal anger, polarisation, and public contempt in Hong Kong for those with power and influence. It is because of people like Shirley Yuen, Caroline Mak Sui-king, and Greg So Kam-leung who represent big business and government. They influence policies that affect the people but live in a world of their own, completely clueless about what the people really want.

We saw that when So, the commerce secretary, insisted Hong Kong could handle millions more mainland visitors while haughtily telling passengers who complained about MTR overcrowding to wait for the next train. Last week, Yuen, the chief executive of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, showed us how lost she is in her own world in an article in this newspaper.

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