OCLP Toronto Support Group & Canada-Hong Kong Link: Joint Statement in response to the decision of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee on Hong Kong constitutional reform

31 Aug 2014

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee made a high-handed decision on August 31st re the framework of Hong Kong Chief Executive election in 2017. It is stipulated that the rights of nomination of candidates must be given to the Nomination Committee. The number of candidates is limited to two to three and shall be passed by over half of the Committee. This narrow and compelling sphere of election framework undoubtedly kills the public members’ rights of a universal and equal opportunity to nominate and be nominated. It also pays a monumental disregard to Hong Kong people’s strong demand for a genuine universal suffrage. 

The Canada-Hong Kong Link and OCLP Toronto Support Group deeply regret that the Chinese Government has minimized HKSAR Government’s constitutional role thereby blatantly violating the Sino-British Joint Declaration and Basic Law, and breaking its international undertaking, namely, One Country Two Systems, Hong Kong People Ruling Hong Kong, High Degree of Autonomy.

At a historical time facing great hardship in darkness, we call upon Hong Kong people, especially all the pan-democratic Legco members to be united consistently, to go hand in hand on the road to democracy. As Joshua Wong of Scholarism said: “We are disappointed but not in despair. We worry but vow never to give up”. We urge all those who are concerned about Hong Kong to give full support to Hong Kong people’s civil disobedience actions in fighting for genuine universal suffrage.

On the basis of democratic development which we are concerned about, we will operate our support work in accordance with the most recent situation in Hong Kong. Together with representatives from other cities, we will organize an international monitoring delegation to Hong Kong in support of the peaceful and non-violent civil disobedience of Occupy Central with Love and Peace. We will also continue to lobby the Canadian Parliament when it resumes in September, urging our Canadian Government to show its support for genuine universal suffrage in Hong Kong.