17 tweets in response to Liu Xiaoming’s attack on Chris Patten for ‘rankest hypocrisy’

Liu Xiaoming’s attack in the Telegraph.

Hong Kong has not, as Lord Patten appears to believe, been bequeathed democracy by Britain. For more than a century and a half, Britain had total responsibility for the territory – and did nothing to encourage or produce democracy. It is therefore the rankest hypocrisy of people such as Lord Patten to criticise China for any perceived failings to introduce democracy.
— Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to the UK

1. Since Liu Xiaoming is so interested in history & ‘rankest hypocrisy’, we’ll take up the matter ourselves in the following tweets.

2. First, we should say we agree with #CCP: it is disgraceful that UK ruled HK for 155 years & never introduced democracy. (That accounts for our problems w #CCP now.)

3. As elsewhere in the world (India/Pakistan, Israel/Palestine) many problems faced in HK today relate to legacy of British colonial rule.

4. So we’re not nostalgic for British colonial rule, nor are we apologists for it. We insist on truth and honesty as regards history- everywhere.

5. Difference is, UK never promised HK democracy; #CCP did. #CCP’s trying to divert attention from its broken promise by blaming others.

6. It is especially brazen of #CCP to castigate UK on deficiencies of its colonial rule at very moment UK allows free referendum in Scotland & #CCP denies it in HK.

7. In Scotland, UK takes basic human right of self-determination seriously, unlike #CCP here in HK.

8. Would that UK had done so well by HK as by Scotland!

9. Whether yes or no, we envy the Scots, a people allowed to freely decide their fate.

10. While UK politicians court voters in Scotland, #CCP as ever refuses to engage in any substantive way w HKppl (because it knows it would lose).

The free referendum in Scotland shows the unfairness & duplicity of #CCP rule in HK in full glare.

If China wanted to do as well by HK as UK by Scotland, it would grant genuine universal suffrage now FULL STOP

While UK was busy denying democracy to HK, #CCP was busy killing more people than rest of 20thCen dictators combined. Weigh that up!

Landlord Genocide / Anti Rightist Campaign / Great Leap Forwards / Great Famine Tibetan Genocide / Cultural Revolution / Tiananmen Massacre – all under #CCP rule

Most HKppl far preferred British colonial rule to totalitarian Maoist #CCP rule
&, post-Tiananmen, were terrified at ’97 handover

HK population is made up of large number of ppl who fled CCP rule for British colonial rule.

#CCP should stop blaming everyone else for the fact it has broken its promise and legal obligation to HK of genuine universal suffrage