Global Solidarity Campaign: Support the Fight for Democracy in Hong Kong

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Global Solidarity Campaign: Support the Fight for Democracy in Hong Kong  
We are a coalition of overseas Hongkongers who are organizing a series of solidarity actions to voice support for the weeklong class boycotts and democracy movement in Hong Kong.
On Saturday, Sept 27, 9 cities in Bosnia, Canada, the UK and the USA will be leafleting, organizing stand-in or protesting to demand democracy in Hong Kong. Organizers in Berlin will be hosting the event on the following day, on Sept 28.

Please see this link ( for details of events in Mostar (Bosnia), Toronto, Vancouver (Canada), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Ann Arbor, Austin, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco (USA).  In the next few weeks, more protests, sit-ins and petitions will be organized across the world to support the fight for democracy in Hong Kong. Please contact the local representatives for immediate updates.
Disclosed is the official infographic that provides all the event details.
Media enquiries:  
United for Democracy: Global Solidarity with Hong Kong
Local representatives:
1. 10AM Motorcade Henry Chau,
Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement:
2. 3PM Vancouver Downtown Student Action
Macarius Chan,
Gloria Fung, Constance Ma, or
Canada-Hong Kong Link:
OCLP Toronto Support Group:
Hong Kong People in Berlin
Ann Arbor, MI
Caroline Chiohh,
Austin, TX 
Chung Ming-tin,
University of Texas at Austin
Los Angeles 
New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.
U.S. Association for Demoracy in HK:
San Francisco Bay Area 
1. Charles Cheung, Ken Chan,
Northern California Hong Kong Club:
2. Leonard Lau,
OCLP US West Support Group: