United Front absorbs ICAC, and other stupidity

29 Aug 2014 | Big Lychee

In the past, Hong Kong has usually had moderate politicians, reasonable media voices and neutral bureaucrats and business people with the wisdom and good humour to maintain some basic cohesion. Even after the Article 23 uproar, or Donald Tsang’s anti-democrat tantrums, some sort of civility returned. This time feels different. In its attempts to assert control, Beijing has polarized the city, and it looks permanent. If they’re going to use law enforcement agencies for political persecution stunts, what’s the point of being moderate and constructive?

Maybe Beijing will realize its tactics are overkill and counterproductive. Otherwise, the city is going to end up more alienated, more disgruntled, and less governable than ever.

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Cartoon on ICAC investigation on Jimmy Lai by Rebel Pepper

28 August 2014 | 变态辣椒 @remonwangxt

据说香港廉政公署今天一大早把黎智英先生堵在家里,我觉得香港再继续赤化下去的话,廉政公署变成“党政公署”的那天也不远了。 I heard Hong Kong’s ICAC went to Jimmy Lai’s place early in the morning. I feel that if communist encroachment in Hong Kong continues, it won’t take long for the ICAC to become a CCP agency.