Northern California Hong Kong Club’s Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Sent on 1 Sept 2014

Representative Nancy Pelosi,  

Thank you for standing up for human rights in China over the years and, in particular, meeting Mr. Martin Lee and Ms. Anson Chan in early April, 2014 to hear the update on the urgent political situation of Hong Kong.  Continue reading

Northern California Hong Kong Club: Call on Pro-democracy Legco Member to Veto NPC Fake Democracy Proposal

Issued on 31 August 2014

On Sept 1, NCHKC sent letters to the following US officials to urge them to speak out for Hong Kong people:

  • Vice President Joe Biden
  • Representative Nancy Peloci, House leader for Democrat,
  • Senator Sherrod Brown, Chairman of Congressional-Executive Commission on China
  • Representative Christopher Smith, Co-chairman of Congressional-Executive Commission on China

We salute the tremendous courage shown by the people of Hong Kong who will be starting a series of peaceful resistance actions in defiance of Beijing’s denial of their democratic rights.

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