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CALLING ACTIVISTS – Global Solidarity Campaign

Currently, communities across the world are planning global solidarity actions. Would you like to organize or participate in one in your town? Please see this list of events happening around the world (updating). Fill in this form if you are organizing actions and would like to be part of this collaborative effort. If you would like to join an event, please find the contact details on the google doc or get in touch with us. Even one person leafleting and talking to people in the streets is still going to make a difference!

Groups supportive of Hong Kong’s democracy movement include:





  • Boston Friends of Hong Kong and Macau
  • Boston Overseas Hong Kong Chinese for Democracy and Human Rights for China
  • Chinese Democracy Education Foundation, San Francisco
  • Federation of Overseas Hong Kong Chinese, Washington, D.C.
  • Hong Kong Forum, Los Angeles
  • North American Alliance for Democracy in China (NAADC)
  • Tiananmen Memorial Foundation, New York
  • OCLP US West Support Group
  • U.S. Association for Democracy in Hong Kong

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We are looking for volunteers from across the world who can translate key documents from English/Chinese into as many languages as possible. Please contact us if you are interested.

Media activism

Every voice matters. There are many ways of contributing as a media activist, such as: Pitch stories to your local media, write op-eds and letter to the editor to voice support for Hong Kong’s freedom struggle, amplify our voices on social media, and raise awareness by keeping the conversation going!

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