The Counterfeit Protest: Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing rally against Occupy Central

26 August 2014 | Coconuts TV

A pro-Beijing march remonstrating the Occupy Central rally, which could take place at the end of this month, was held on Sunday, August 17th. Local media reported that many pro-Beijing marchers were paid to attend the anti-Occupy Central march, with free transport, lunches and other incentives. Some protesters allegedly did not even know why they were there.

Night and Day: The Difference Between Hong Kong Rallies

19 August 2014 | Wall Street Journal

A pro-Beijing rally was held Sunday in Hong Kong to counter the city’s July 1 pro-democracy rally. Local police estimated that 110,600 people attended the pro-Beijing rally at its peak, compared with 66,000 for the pro-democracy rally. But University of Hong Kong researchers came to the opposite conclusion, estimating an attendance of between 79,000 and 88,000 on Sunday, and between 154,000 and 172,000 on July 1.

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