Hong Kong still seeking a middle ground on electoral reform

Jeffie Lam | 6 May 2014 | SCMP

“The views are still polarised,” said Dr Brian Fong Chi-hang, a Hong Kong Institute of Education political scientist, one of 18 academics who submitted a plan rejecting public nomination.

“Pan-democrats have been claiming the moral high ground to demand public nomination, whereas the government and Beijing loyalists have claimed the legal high ground to ban their ideas,” Fong said.

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Moderate reform doesn’t stand a chance at Occupy Central deliberation today

Jeffie Lam | 6 May 2014 | SCMP

Moderate proposals on electoral reform are expected to receive lukewarm support at Occupy Central’s third “deliberation day” today, held to select the most popular plans to be put to a citywide vote next month.

Instead, radical models that push for public nomination of chief executive hopefuls in 2017 are likely to triumph, given today’s event will be dominated by about 2,000 backers of the Occupy democracy drive, scholars say.

The three reform proposals to emerge out of 15 on the table will proceed to a June 20-22 electronic civil referendum, with the final choice receiving Occupy’s official endorsement.

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Hong Kong Basic Law Committee member urges middle path deal between different parties

Stuart Lau | 5 May 2014 | SCMP

Barrister Johnny Mok Shiu-luen says if the two sides forge a consensus on the nominating committee, it appears “likely” to him that Beijing will agree to it.

“In my view, if a consensus is to be reached, the biggest chance is … a middle proposal between the moderate proponents and those so-called conservatives [who argue for 50 per cent member approval],” Mok said in an interview with the South China Morning Post.

Mok is the first person from the prominent 12-member Basic Law Committee to address political reform since the public consultation ended on Saturday.

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