SCMP Debate: What say will voters have in nominating 2017 chief executive candidates?

11 August 2014 | South China Morning Post

Every Hong Kong voter will get to cast a ballot in the 2017 chief executive election. But what say will they have in nominating candidates? For the second part of the Post’s debate series on electoral reform, we asked politicians, business leaders and academics for the best way to select candidates.

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Former Hong Kong official says UK failing to defend democracy

Demetri Sevastopulo, Kiran Stacey | 22 June 2014 | Financial Times

Anson Chan, the number two official in Hong Kong when the UK handed the colony back to China in 1997, has criticised British prime minister David Cameron for failing to stand up for democracy in the territory.

Mrs Chan, the former chief secretary, said Mr Cameron had neglected to voice support for Hong Kong when he met Chinese Premier Li Keqiang last week. Their meeting took place amid a fierce debate in Hong Kong over relations with China following Beijing’s recent publication of a controversial white paper suggesting there were limits to the territory’s democracy.

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Zhang put on hold as democrats review rift

Jeffie Lam | 13 May 2014 | SCMP

Two Democratic Party lawmakers have postponed a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with Beijing’s top representative to focus on the widening rift threatening to tear the pan-democratic camp apart.

Central government liaison office director Zhang Xiaoming has invited pan-democrat lawmakers for one-on-one discussions on electoral reform.

The decision came after supporters of Occupy Central shortlisted three plans during a “deliberation day” last week which call for an idea banned by Beijing: allowing public nomination of chief executive hopefuls.

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Democracy alliance chief urges unity to beat chief executive candidate screening

Tanna Chong | 11 May 2014 | SCMP

“Our core struggle is to fight off political screening in the 2017 chief executive election. Only unity can mobilise Hongkongers’ support, enabling us to exert pressure on Beijing and the government,”

Professor Joseph Cheng Yu-shek, the alliance’s convenor, said only unity could give the camp sufficient strength to bargain with Beijing.

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