Ex-Judge Rejects China Patriotism Call for Hong Kong Courts

Jill Mao, Natasha Khan | 15 August 2014 | Bloomberg

Hong Kong’s former top judge said the city needs to defend the independence of the judiciary after a Chinese policy paper stoked concerns of heightened influence by the government in Beijing.

The white paper issued by the Chinese government in June saying judges should be patriotic raised “widespread concerns,” Andrew Li, the former chief justice of the Court of Final Appeal, said today in a commentary in the South China Morning Post.

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Solicitors thrash United Front

15 August 2014 | Big Lychee

The week closes on a bright note in the form of a Law Society squabble most of us don’t really understand in deep detail, but basically: good triumphs over evil.

Not many of us spare much time thinking about solicitors. They’re the breed of lawyer who scrape a living doing photocopying – or as they call it, ‘conveyancing’. Triads, money-launderers and bankrupts depend on them to use paperwork and form-filling to make nastiness look legitimate or to issue veiled threats, they are not typically to the manor born, but unpolished and locally and relatively modestly educated sons of the upwardly mobile lower-middle. They tend to be short, shifty-looking and have hair and fingernail problems.

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Beijing seen backing Lam over no-confidence vote

August 14 2014 | EJ Insight

Mainland judicial departments have reportedly contacted representatives of global law firms in Beijing and solicited their views on the no-confidence vote faced by Law Society of Hong Kong president Ambrose Lam, Apple Daily reported on Thursday.

Kevin Yam, a member of the Law Society’s constitutional and human rights committee who initiated the motion of no confidence, said the central government is trying to apply pressure on the local legal sector.

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Solicitors vote to unseat Law Society president Ambrose Lam

Joyce Ng | 14 August 2014 | South China Morning Post

The Law Society yesterday passed a historic vote of no confidence in its president for his remarks backing Beijing’s recent white paper on Hong Kong.

A no-confidence motion in Ambrose Lam San-keung was passed by a wide margin, with 2,392 votes for and 1,478 against.


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Law Society’s Ambrose Lam refuses to weigh in on chief executive debate

Tanna Chong | 6 May 2014 | SCMP

The solicitors’ professional body is staying silent on two key questions of political reform on which barristers have already stated their position.

Law Society president Ambrose Lam San-keung yesterday refused to comment on public recommendation – a process by which the public could put forward non-binding recommendations for 2017 chief executive candidates. He also described the question of a cap on the number of candidates as “a political wrestling match which I do not want to weigh into”, adding: “I do not want to make a comment on the number.”

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