Class Boycott Declaration from Secondary School Students

Original in Chinese

We are a group of secondary school students who have been told to be the masters of the future. So we study and learn to be the future of Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong’s future is now manipulated by a small group of people who have taken away our choice of Chief Executive.

Class boycott is not taking a break.
Class boycott is not stop learning.
Class boycott is not for fun.
Class boycott is not a crime.
It is for our future.

We know the consequences and are ready to take any punishments by school. However, we must step forward when some adults choose to remain silent. If we choose to escape today, we won’t have any choice tomorrow. When the minions of tyranny just expect us to go to class, the best resistance is probably boycotting it.

Let’s meet the challenge of the era and complete our historical mission. We must establish ourselves in an era that belongs to us. Let’s shape our hopes and show our vision of the future.

Our future is in our own hands. We will take it back.

Students’ Strike Declaration: The University of Hong Kong Students’ Union


HKU Student Union, Students’ Strike Declaration

1. We insist on Civil Nomination
2. We urge the Legislative Council to veto over a proposal that does not comply with the International Standard
3. We demand a directly elected on all seats of Legislative Council by 2016

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